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Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

Waiting for weeks is a thing of the past! We can make and fit your new crown in just one visit.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a covering that fits over a damaged tooth caused by decay, trauma, or wear (such as grinding of teeth).  A dental crown can be made from materials such as metal, porcelain, resin, or ceramic.  Dr. Pitner may recommend a crown to protect a weak tooth or a severely cracked tooth to help protect the tooth.  Additionally, a crown in necessary after root canal therapy.  Crowns at Pitner Family Dentistry are made in-house and are crafted with the same grooves and cusps that your other normal teeth have so that look and function as the rest of your teeth.

What is it like to have a crown placed?

In the past, getting a crown was a multi-visit process over several days or weeks.  With our in-house technology, waiting is a thing of the past, allowing you to take off work only one time.   The process of getting a crown placed is fairly simple.  First, the tooth receiving the crown is evaluated through an examination and x-rays.  If the tooth is severely damaged, Dr. Pitner will determine whether a root canal procedure is necessary prior to proceeding with crown placement.  If all is ready, the second step is to preparing the tooth by filing it down to make room for the crown.  Once completed, an impression of the filed tooth and surrounding teeth is taken and sent to our in-house lab to create a perfect fitting of your crown.  Once the crown is made, Dr. Pitner will place the crown on the filed down tooth using a tooth cement to give it a permanent place in your mouth.  She may use anesthesia during the procedure to minimize any discomfort and provide you with the most gentle care possible.


Many patients experience soreness or swelling lasting from a few days to two weeks, but can manage it with over-the-counter medication and rinsing with salt water.


Caring for your crown is important.  With proper care, a crown can last up to 15 years.  If your crown is made of porcelain, avoid chewing hard foods, such as candy, to avoid cracking the crown.

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