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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Prioritizing your child's oral health yields benefits for years to come.  We are here to create positive dental experiences that foster a lifetime of good oral health.

Should I take my child to the dentist?

Teaching a child to brush and floss regularly is important for lifelong habits but a professional dental cleaning is still recommended every six months, even with children, to provide proper oral health.  Cavities can still form in primary (baby) teeth and left untreated can cause the same challenges as permanent (adult) teeth.  Additionally, as a child loses all his or her primary teeth and permanent teeth come in, this is an ideal time to address bite problems, spacing between teeth, and more.  In addition, fluoride treatment is in important step in pediatric dentistry to strengthen the teeth and provide a layer of defense in children who often eat more sugar than adults.  Dr. Pitner enjoys working with children and provides extra care to ease nerves and uncertainty. 

Proper alignment of the jaw and teeth

At Pitner Family Dentistry we also have child specific solutions such as Invisalign clear aligners that help the teeth of a teenager or early teen to get the alignment they need without the challenges presented with traditional metal braces.

How often should I get a child visit the dentist?

The general recommendation for most children: every 6 months.

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