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dental mouthguard

Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are great options for those who grind their teeth at night or for the safety of those who play sports.

Who would benefit from a mouth guard?

Mouth guards can serve different purposes for different patients.

Here are some reasons to use a mouth guard:

  • patients who grind their teeth

  • patients who snore

  • patients with sleep apnea

  • patients who need to protect their teeth from injury while playing sports

When should I consider getting a custom mouth guard made?

Dr. Pitner can custom make a mouth guard, and this is a great option for patients who grind their teeth, snore, or deal with sleep apnea.  A well-fitted mouth guard creates the highest level of comfort and easily stays in place. This can help the patient sleep more comfortably.  In addition, Dr. Pitner can make mouth guards specifically to help patients with snoring or mild sleep apnea. These mouth guards address jaw and tongue placement to keep the airway securely open while sleeping.

Use and care of mouth guards

Mouth guards can take a few days to become fully accustomed to the feel of them. You may experience some minor pain or discomfort when you first begin use. You should brush your mouth guard regularly much like you brush your teeth, to keep it clean and prevent bacteria from forming on your teeth.

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