Attending a Routine Dental Checkup and Cleaning Will Help Maintain the Health of Your Teeth and Mouth

While your daily oral hygiene routine is certainly important for preserving the health of your mouth, it is still only one piece of the puzzle. The American Dental Association also recommends having a dental checkup and cleaning administered every six months. Here at our dental office in Bessemer, Alabama, each dental checkup is designed to… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Still Requires Daily Oral Hygiene Focus

Dr. Pitner and Dr. Findlay will often use a dental bridge to restore a missing tooth. This is a solid piece of dental work that represents the lost tooth as well as the tooth enamel layer of the two teeth neighboring the void. Even though it is crafted from special materials that will not be… Read more »

Enhance Your Smile with Dental Sealants

Of the many forms of tooth restorations available, very few are needed before the ailment has occurred. However, with dental sealants, they can be placed to help prevent an oral health disorder from occurring, rather than just treatment one after it has happened. You can enhance your smile with dental sealants. Let’s take a look!… Read more »

If You Had a Dental Crown Fall Out, You Need to Seek Dental Care

A dental crown is often used to replace the tooth enamel of a tooth that has suffered from a fracture, large cavity, or required cosmetic improvement. Dr. Pitner and Dr. Findlay typically cement them onto their anchoring abutment with a very strong dental adhesive. Unfortunately, there are times when dental trauma or complications from chronic… Read more »

How to Teach Kids to Brush

Kids can leave adults full of surprises daily. Sometimes, it’s hard for parents to remember what it’s like to not understand or know what needs to be done around them. That is why, here at Pitner Family Dentistry in Bessemer, Alabama, we strive to remind parents to teach their children to brush their teeth, so… Read more »

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean by Doing These Things

Your oral hygiene routine is vital for your oral health, but it’s only effective if you have the best oral hygiene tools. Unfortunately, a dirty toothbrush isn’t the best toothbrush to use to clean your smile. To help you maintain a clean toothbrush in Bessemer, Alabama, Dr. Rebecca Pitner and our dental team have some… Read more »

Recontouring Your Smile

You are eating popcorn at the movie theater when your teeth crack down on a solid kernel. You think nothing of it until later when you feel a small chip in one of your teeth. One of the best options to fix that tooth is recontouring. Recontouring your teeth is a simple, speedy procedure to… Read more »

A Fluoride Treatment Is an Easy Way to Improve the Strength of Your Tooth Enamel

With good oral hygiene practices, your teeth can resist bacterial tooth decay, thanks to the mineral density of your tooth enamel. If you consume acidic beverages on a regular basis, or you are lax with your daily oral hygiene regimen, it could gradually start to weaken your tooth enamel. This process, known as demineralization, can… Read more »

Are Your Teeth in Need of Dental Restorations with Crowns?

Are your teeth in need of dental restorations with crowns? Due to the material used in the making of dental crowns, they can be modified based on looks, shape, size, and even color. Not only will dental crowns make your smile look better, they can even protect broken teeth from future injury. Here are just… Read more »

Common Questions About Laser Dentistry

Did you know that as of 1994, lasers have been used to assist dentists with a variety of dental procedures? Thanks to lasers, microscopic changes and alterations can be made with near perfect precision that standard procedures could not hope to mimic. Listed below are some common questions about laser dentistry: What is laser dentistry?… Read more »